Industrial workers, service technicians, and business employees in the U.S. should always be well prepared

Visa rejections often occur when required documents are unclear or contain ambiguous information. If your application is rejected, a U.S. Consulate/Embassy official will inform you during the interview process.

If your application is rejected for the first time, subsequent applications will be a challenge. Normally, if your visa has been denied but still attempt to enter the U.S. you will be refused entry.

It is especially important for industrial workers and service technicians to be informed about the visa process, due to strict regulations. These travelers should be properly prepared for the visa interview, their respective entries, and their activities while in the U.S. It is important to consider that industrial workers without necessary documentation or visas can potentially be prosecuted for illegal employment. In this case, most workers do not even have the chance to reach their site of employment before they are sent back to their home country.

These potential complications with the visa process could lead to larger problems like assembly delays or even liability claims.

Our B-1 service removes any of the stumbling blocks before you proceed with the visa process.

IMPORTANT: Only the assembly, usage, and maintenance of machines, units, and devices is permitted. Steel and concrete structural engineering as well as the building of streets are not allowed and may only be performed by certified American firms.

Industrial workers and business employees can be assigned to many industries in the U.S.

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FAQs about visas for assemblers and industrial employees in the U.S.

Am I allowed to work in the U.S. as an industry worker?

No, a B-1 visa does not allow you to work, because you are only considered a visitor. Please send a description of your activity so that we can check your eligibility.

I am a self-employed SAP advisor, can I work in the U.S.?

No, due to the fact that you are merely providing a service for a foreign product.

Can our industry workers repair parts of a cruise ship?

This depends on which contractual relationship they have to the ship and to the owner. Please send us an exact description of the situation.

Our industry workers are supposed to build a foundation and a structure?

Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering are only allowed to be done by licensed U.S. companies. The same goes for cement and street building. Foreigners are, generally speaking, not allowed to be active in this area.

Why were our industry workers denied entrance to the U.S.?

This can have several different causes. Generally speaking, foreign industrial workers are not allowed to work. Usually, the industry workers were not prepared well enough for their assignment. When entering the U.S., certain documents are needed and one must be able to explain the background/details of their trip.

Are there differences between a Business Traveler and an industry worker?

Yes, in fact, there are significant differences. Different regulations apply for the two groups.

Should we educate our industry workers about the visa rules?

Each company has an obligation to care for its employees. Part of the visa requirements is to fully prepare the employees for assignments abroad. If the industry workers do not show up at the place of the assignment, this can bring significant costs and problems for the host company.

Should we assemble a machine that was produced by multiple companies?

One has to take an exact look at the details and the relation to the main contract partner. Please contact us about this.

Should the assembly be done by a different company or a sub-contractor?

If a different company is able to do the assembly, it can also be done by a qualified American company.

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